Our Clients

Our Clients

The Chiropractic Service Corps (CSC) was established by Michel Tetrault, DC, who since the year 2000 has worked to establish and manage chiropractic programs within Federal Qualifying Health Centers (FQHC) primary care centers in the United States. Coastal Valley Health first invited Dr. Tetrault to interact with the California FQHC leaders to look at adding chiropractic programs in their facilities; that outreach has since expanded in California and now nationwide.

In the last several years, as existing FQHCs expanded space and numbers of newly built centers increased, the opportunity for optional services, such as Chiropractic, Dentistry, Behavioral Health, Podiatry and Vision, became feasible and financially viable and now affords patients access to important primary care services.

As a complete management service organization, we currently provide and manage Chiropractic in the following FQHCs:

Other Partners:

Valle Del Sol
Valle Del Sol, Phoenix AZ
FQHC Community Health Center

Coastal Valley Health

A chiropractic MSO, relies principally on Dr. Tetrault’s team to service their contracts with California FQHCs in the Central California areas.

Golden Valley Health Centers
Representative, Raymond Vella, DC
Direct clients under our California sister company CCHA are:

San Ysidro Health Centers
Representative, Seenie Meehan
To Help Everyone Health and Wellness Centers
Representative, Seenie Meehan
Mountain Health Community Center
Representative, Seenie Meehan
Benevolence logo small
Benevolent Helath Centers
Representative, Seenie Meehan
Other CSC Clients:

La Maestra Community Health
Representative, Seenie Meehan
Community Health Centers of Pinellas, Inc.
Gardner Family Health Services
River Valley Health and Dental Center
CSC is in process of assisting in expanding to other states, listed alphabetically:

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