The goal of the Chiropractic Service Corps (CSC) is a national MSO servicing millions of people in America who rely on Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) for their family’s health. At present the CSC is helping clinics integrate Chiropractic Services through an EFFECTIVE service program.

Embracing the challenge that faces today’s health care industry to integrate complimentary and alternative health care services within the nationwide healthcare safety network of established Community Health Clinics.

Providing a management service program that brings Chiropractic care to your Federally Qualified Healthcare Center.

In the ever changing world of health care, patients are requesting a broader source of health care benefits to meet their specific needs. While full service primary care remains the cornerstone of all community health programs, alternative health care can be of great help in providing the choices people are now requesting. Patients want more control over their health care and that includes Chiropractic, Behavioral Health and Podiatry. The Chiropractic Service Corps provides easy access to these services.

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